Sunday, 30 October 2016

Silent Movies and Orange Laneways - Wine Festival

Phil and I took 3 of the portraits to the Silent Movies and Orange Laneways, Pop Up event as part of the Orange Wine Festival yesterday. After a roster day at the barracks we packed lights, easels (thank you Heather and Aileen), made protective packaging for the transportation of the art, have to be ultra careful to keep our art safe after all, they were all sold pieces!
The lane was full of people as dusk fell and it's amazing that only a few of the faces were familiar, Orange has a lot of people now. Heather and Meredith turned up so Phil took a photo of the winners by their beautiful portraits. There was music, movies, food, liquid refreshments, friendly, happy people. A great event!
At the end, when all we could think of is going home, we packed up and went back to the Barracks to put the art back on our walls so on the last day all was as it was on the first, perfect :)
Today is the last day but we pushed ourselves just a little further to spread the word about our amazing, talented, bunch of local artists. Hopefully a few of the lookers from yesterday will come today to the Barracks and feel good about living in this beautiful area, filled with so much talent.

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