Friday, 7 October 2016

Preparation in Progress... Wine Festival approaches

Wine Festival preparations are progressing, today Judy, Phil, Jola and Aileen sorted chains as we'll be hanging soon. Those pesky chains have always been a problem and it turned out it's because we had chains made by two different makers. So it was out with one of them and while we're waiting for a delivery of some new stock we cleared the decks of the old ones.
Also the panels in the Aida Pottinger gallery windows got a lick of paint. We want the gallery to hold all the amazing art our creatives have brought in and the panels once place in the window reveals allow for more art! Joy, Susie and David as always present, willing and able, so the Barracks was yet again filled with art and full of fun :)
art in position, waiting for hanging

Phil, our president preparing the panels

Joy and Judy taking a little break

Judy and Jola, the painting team

matching painting smocks, matching panels, painting twins!

getting hungry

Aileen, supervising the quality of the brushwork :)

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