Saturday, 7 March 2015

Looking for a new idea? Inspiration is at hand!

The new reading room is now open and ready to go. David (one of our wonderful artists) took time out to expand his mind and he found himself absorbed in the Impressionists, so absorbed that I was able to sneak up and take a photo of him with his nose in a very large book!

Thanks to the hard work of Hubert Huebner, we now have an amazing sculptural and one of its kind bookshelf to store all those great art books donated by members, Bev Holland, Bev Duncan and myself...... it's better than sitting at home on our own shelves. Now they can be looked through by any of our members looking for that new inspiration..... all that is old is new again!

Pop into the Barracks and join David in the search..... make a cuppa in our kitchen and just kick back and relax! You're always welcome at the Barracks!

Come and browse today!

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Anonymous said...

These shelves are not so much a work of art, but more so an art of work. Well done mine herr. We look forward to seeing more of your solid structures on display.