Friday, 20 March 2015

F.O.O.D. week coming up soon time to get ready!

I have just spent half the day getting our promotion out there into the ether and nether :) hopefully it will be picked up by the local papers and all the what's ons :)
Have built up a list from Joy who was a most amazing publicity officer, we ever had and Jane was a great help with who to contact. Banjo was the first time I tried to spread the word and must say that this time it was considerably easier.
Will now spend time getting our time table of what needs doing and when, so get ready for a trickle of emails from your secretary.
This is what I have written... and I'm sorry to say that if there are any mistakes..... tough..... the milk has been spilt :)
And these are the photos I uploaded to tantalise the taste buds:

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