Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Lanny Mackenzie, one of "The Mixed Dozen"!

Colour City Creative is graced with several talent immigrants, one of whom is the ever smiling Lanny Mackenzie.
 Lanny grew up in Java and Bali Indonesia. She was surrounded from a young age by the art of her father’s impressionist paintings and her grand father’s Chinese Calligraphy.

With vibrant colours blazing from her family's walls she took up, in 2002, the task of learning basketry and sculptural weaving. Using naturally forage materials and recycled every day items, Lanny's works create functional baskets, weaving with her own experimental twists producing a modern 'look'.

Over the years Lanny learned her craft under the toutalage of several master weavers. She now willingly shares this passion and knowledge with others through her popular weaving workshops, all over Australia and overseas.

Lanny says “Weaving is a very forgiving form of art, cultivating creative thinking and problem solving, and encourage individual self-expression resulting in satisfaction in creating something unique and part of own personal journey and culture”.

Lanny's creations are in private collections and selected galleries in NSW and Bali.

Colour City Creative (CCC) group will be opening their gallery and studio doors 

during this year's 

Orange Wine Festival

on the weekends of 

October 13-14 and 20-21

from 10 AM until 4 PM.  


There will be a grand opening on Saturday the 13th of October from 6 PM.

For more information regarding this and future events please visit us on  or on Facebook at 

Hank Spirek
Media Officer
Colour City Creative

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