Thursday, 17 May 2018

Get ready to create

We're getting ready to book our Orange Wine Festival entry, which will start Friday 12 October and end Sunday 21 October 2018. So get your creative caps on and get the tools of your imagination out.
Your committee after 2 years of organising the themed events has settled on using names for the exhibitions that most fit the festivals. Wine Festival will now always be called "Mixed Dozen", Banjo Festival themed exhibition is "Poem to Painting" and FOOD Festival's name and theme will be "Palate to Palette".
The creative road can be long and the idea is to give you all time to think, gestate and create at your pace and exhibit the fabulous art our visitors so love.
The "Mixed Dozen" exhibition art is to be inspired by all things wine: makers, landscape, product and even the byproduct of wine. A broad definition that gives you a chance to sharpen your focus on what most resonates in your creative soul.
Here's a few images, taken by our president, Philip Salmon, to nourish your imagination:

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