Monday, 10 April 2017

Thank you all Exhibiting artists

Thank you all our amazing, talented, wonderful, exhibiting artists, we had another extremely successful exhibition together, with on average 20 people a day for every day of the 9 day festival! After counting all the votes in the Palate 2 Palette portrait exhibition, we had over 235 who voted and we know some did not as they were in a hurry. Our sales were not too shabby either with the shop doing quite well. So if you haven't put anything in the shop, consider making something small and special as our visitors from out of town and from overseas always buy a little something to put in their suitcase..... sometimes a paining just won't fit :)

On the last day, Sunday, we had the first of what we hope will become a tradition, an end of exhibition wrap dinner. A pot luck dinner which for those who had the energy left to attend was fun and filled with delicious food, accompanied by mellow music provided by our always able president. Some of us were soooo tired but glad we made the effort! Our lovely Margot re-interpreted the dinner theme and gave us all a lovely surprise and a good laugh.... honestly, you had to be there!

The empty plates at the end of the table?
They were waiting for you!  :)

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