Monday, 28 September 2015

The "Arkarooligans" return!

Once again, some of our more adventurous artists have returned from their desert wanderings - tired, inspired, amazed and yearning to get out their brushes and paint that colour filled place.

It was to Arkaroola and the Wilderness Sanctuary that our intrepid travellers made their way in a Piper Navaho, winging just above the clouds, suspended in space, but it was a bumpy ride and Joy got very very air sick. This is a new experience and not one she wants to repeat!

Arkaroola lies out in the desert country of South Australia and boasts some of the most desolate but beautiful country that Australia has to offer. CCC members, Bev Duncan, Susie Hillenbrand, Cherelynne Carden and David Quinlan were joined by two new artists from the Central Coast, Marion Mikkelson and Lyn Olesen. Under the guidance of Joy Engelman, they were driven across hills and valleys of wonderful scenery that filled their souls with delight!

We all look forward to seeing what these artists bring back and this time is no exception. Some of the works will be on display for Wine Festival at the Barracks Galleries and Studios so come along and join us.

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Jola said...

amazingly beautiful, I want to have wings and soar to take in the beauty of these photos....... maybe one day I will join the joyous journey you take your group on Joy!