Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Banjo Paterson Festival, approaches

I can see Joy Engelman, just for a lark,
painting The Man from Snowy River, and The Man from Ironbark.

Of course there’s Jola the linear beast, no doubt her work will be of the geese.
You’ve not heard of the geese that wondered the Doom
to the edge of the Snowy where they were stuffed with prune.

Cosmic Susie will venture into the unknown
and return with Banjo on a side salad with Cohen.
“T’is he”, she says, with lighting smile,
“Go walk the labyrinth, it’s only a quarter mile”.

Then there is Aida a gloomy femme
who paints nude women instead of men.
“Is she here or is she there”, said Banjo on a dare,
“I’d rather she clean out the cupboards with her breasts in the air”.

And what with her hands could Ms Frances do?
Probably depicting young Banjo all covered in poo.
It would be the hat, that everyone knows,
which Frances would build to protect poor Banjo’s toes.

Girls in frocks with bouquet and top
once pounce on young Banjo with their legs almost crossed.
“It’s the hat, the hat that brings us to cry.
For without the hat, young Banjo, would simply die”.



Jola said...

funny bloke is you Giovanni the Great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate. We try to please the girls and boys who venture to the hills collecting old toys. We try to please even the cats and dogs, but we don't know why 'cause they're always sleep like big fat logs. We try to please the babies too that cry and cry boo hoo hoo. Phew, this is hard. Can I stop now.