Wednesday, 10 December 2014

low life = vandals

Our beautiful building has been attacked by humanity's low life, the vandal, the cowardly leech of society, sucking on the hard work of the people who give their time to society, the low life that scurry in the dark, the barnackles that mar the surface of our day..... I find it hard to say what I want to say 'nicely'..... they do not deserve to reproduce and I curse them!
John thinks it was their way of protesting at the fence being put up and future blocking of the shortcut. Obviously the safe passage over the bridge is just too daunting for those who'd rather scurry in the undergrowth!
I am angry because it is not us who are putting the fence up but it is us who have to live with the damage, clean up the shards of glass and possibly not be able to be barefoot on our carpet for a looooooooooong time.
The building is over 75 years old and the glass just shattered into sharp shrapnel that glitters with menace even after multiple vacuumings.
The Railway Corp. will send a glazier, but we don't know when, so with the rains still predicted we had to put something over the 15 panes in the 4 windows that bore the brunt of the protest.
the upstairs corridor with the ballast lying along the broken glass
the shards of glass littering the carpet
4 of the 15 panes, broken; in all 3 studios damaged and the corridor window
Philip affixing some contact paper to Kimberley's studio window
John making sure Peter's studio gets no damage from the coming rain
my studio with clear contact on 4 of the 5 broken panes, a creative symmetry of violence
the contact paper and the lines of the broken glass have a certain poetically stark beauty.....
Luckily no art was damaged, the scum did not break into the building and for that we thank the good spirits that live in our building and protected us from potential disaster.

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