Monday, 10 November 2014

Jane Rutter @ Jayes Gallery

Congratulations to Libby  and Hugh at Jayes Gallery in Molong for arranging a musical sojourn with the Santana of the flute, Jane Rutter. It was a nice touch to hear that she had stayed, on regular occasions, at a family friend's farm near Molong in her youth.

She may be small in stature but Ms. Rutter can certainly charm a crowd with her wonderful verbal vignettes of how she got addicted to the flute and reactions from audiences at her concerts. Add in her physical command of various flutes and we received a combination that was pure talent.

  Jane Rutter & a flute that could bust an eardrum in the wrong hands

I've been hanging out to see Jane Rutter in concert for ages and to have been able to be seated at the front was a real treat. Small audience, just like the rich and famous in olden days, was a delight.

I feel music is appreciated a great deal more when preformed in an intimate atmosphere. Libby and Hugh maybe on a winner here. Ms. Rutter has agreed to return, if invited, next time with a few concert musos to back her up - not that she needed it.

After the performance Ms. Rutter duly signed autographs and sold her various CDs including the latest, "Vivaldi - Four Seasons".

Jane with fans of all ages & getting evidence for ARIA officials.

The event included a tasty meal of gambe di pollo, mini spuds, salad, soft brown bread a la maniera Italiana. E il dolce cherra insieme con gelato Australiano and a strawberry with large mint leaf. Very tasty, so a big thanks to the chef and serving staff. 

Keep a look out for the next event by going to the web site

Art it's all around us.


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