Saturday, 28 January 2012



In a market where everyone tells us artists at the bottom rung that "art is dead" and "art sales are down" and "no-one is interested in art anymore!", it was refreshing to see more than 120 people, art lovers alike,squeeze their way through the various spaces at the Barracks Gallery and Studios last night. Fuelled with champagne, excellent Orange Region wine and yummy nibbles, it was a night of celebration and good cheer.

It seemed the whole studios and galleries were filled with laughter and chatting and all the usual emotions and feelings that we associate with a grand art event. As they explored the various studios that were open, I heard many comments on how great this is for Orange!

And yes, it'sgreat for all of us and anyone who loves art. The project has and willbe a great success with many things already planned for the future. Thanks to everyone on the team for the effort to bring this together and for all who came and boosted our energy with their enthusiasm and support.

Oh and yes, some sales of art were made which means that there are still people out there who love "real aRt!"


slowalan said...

Great para of aims at top of this page.

Congrats on the success so far, and for the enjoyable opening on Friday...lots of good art to be seen, and many friendly faces looking at it.

Aida Pottinger said...

Thanks Alan - looking for some original music for the next show if you are interested