Sunday, 20 February 2011

Next Meeting is March 13 @ The Barracks

Tim Winters is currently getting a second quote for the Fire Certificate.
Gayle and I came up with some ideas for the sponsorship package - now we need you guys to come up with some great reasons for Business to sponsor our Group. One each will do!!!!!


Anita Craw said...

This is a bit of a tough one. But if we write a proposal of things and initiative we plan to undertake they would want their business name affiliated with a community group to show they are giving back.
I think if we have film nights etc next summer that would be a draw card. Why not contact large art supply companies too, always worth a shot?

Anita Craw said...

Also sorry I missed the meeting!
I did swing past the drawing class though.
I believe there is a drawing class in 2 weeks at the Gallery with David Fairbairn.