F.O.O.D. Week Exhibition

The FOOD festival is a wonderful event in Orange and our galleries and corridors are filled with another new exhibition from our large creative membership. We open every day during the festival from 10 am to 4 pm.
The next festival runs over 10 days next April 2020, starting on 14 April and running until 5 March.

We have two exhibitions during the festival, a themed exhibition, entitled "Places, Spaces and Faces" which is and a group exhibition in which all our exhibiting artists participate. We could have a painting, sketch, photo, weaving or a pot that you'll want to spend the rest of your life with :)

We always have an opening reception on the Saturday after the start of the festival which begins at 6 pm to celebrate our creative effort. Please join us for a drink and a nibble, meet the artists and feast your eyes on the talent that country Australia has in abundance.

Not only is our town filled with wonderful food and events but our space is a hive of creativity and a wonderful addition to your itinerary if you're visiting Orange.

The gift shop is filled with scarves, cushion covers, bookmarks, trays, pottery, baskets, aprons, tea towels, stepping stones and other original creations you can buy as a memory of Orange.

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